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The newest BlueScan system enabled the Bas Group to measure and optimise service in their shops. The Bas Group is using the system to have real-time insight into performance and service at each of the shops. For instance the waiting time in the stores. Being renown for their service the Bas Group with the formulas: Dixons, MyCom and iCentre makes sure to live up to the expected standards and exceeding them if possible. lf more staff is needed, this will be foreseen and quickly upscaled.

WiFi-PUBLICity on beaches of Dubai

In cooperation with a renown partner, the system is built to fit the local needs and is fully capable of full filling all the ' free Wi-Fi with sponsoring'-needs of today.

In the winter period the wonderful beaches of Dubai are very crowded with tourists. On a yearly basis more than 6.5 million people visit these shores, with an average attendance of 4 hours. An enormous target audience for sponsored messages. The free WiFi is being used massively by the lovers of sun. How ? After filling in either an email adress or giving a Facebook like, access is granted to the Internet after seeing the sponsored message of course. The newest technology is being used for the WiFi-PUBLICity system. High Speed WiFi, 4G uploads, making it a very fast , flexible and reliable WiFi Internet service for all lovers of the beach in Dubai.

The system will be installed in the whole region, after that Turkey is on the radar for deployment. It shall be fully integrated to the sponsor message and can be changed fast for every new campaign of clients, such as Blackberry. See the example picture below.

Seidensticker wants to offer all shop visitors in Germany and Netherlands WiFi-PUBLICity and gain more insight in shopping behaviour and shop performance. This strengthens the brand experience and service. Gain insights in passing traffic, shop visitors, shopping time, time spent in shops, loyalty. Plus the build up of an e-mail newsletter database.

Business Case:
Offer WiFi-PUBLICity to all Seidensticker visitors. With a WiFi campaign to promote the newsletter, you can offer a 2nd shirt for free (more than 120 Euros discount). The coupon is received via e-mail. This enables a direct conversion of interest in Seidensticker. It urges a visit on the Seidensticker website via the coupon and registration for the newsletter as well as the collection of e-mail addresses.


To enhance the Seidensticker brand, offer WiFi and collect e-mail addresses for Marketing. Generate extra traffic on the Seidensticker website. Report numbers of passing traffic, shop visitors, time spent in shops, loyalty.

WiFi-PUBLICity reports number of WiFi users, passing traffic outside shops, shop visitors, time spent in shops, loyalty.

The insights in shop visitors and passing traffic are spectacular, it was found out that 65% where less than 3 minutes in the store, so no shirt sales were made in that short period. The shops are compared in a benchmark and are assesed on basic and new key performance indicators KPI's and are actively managed on these new indicators (per hour). This has led to direct results and improvement in sales. Training of staff is also directly visible in results of the shop.

BlueScan ShopMonitor, roll out into Dixons
The BlueScan ShopMonitor has been rolled out into the BAS Group: Dixons, MyCom, iCenter, with more than 210 stores market leader in the Benelux.

Integrating existing counting systems, or our BlueScan Clientsensor.
Integrating BlueScan with your existing counting system is possible, or you can deploy our BlueScan sensors.

Counting with more than 98% accuracy.

New and exciting reported values
Window conversion, Loyalty, shopping time
Manage your brand , store concept and store selection, service, staff and attendance, based on visualised easy-to-use reports.

» Per hour or day: number of passing traffic, window conversion, number of store visitors, average shopping timeand recurring visitors (last 3 months).

Optional WiFi with landingpages
The same unit can also provide free WiFi for visitors with several Marketing landingpages, easily managed by: WiFi-PUBLICity.

Staff tracking
With the staff tracking tag you can optimise staff performance with 'live' 24/7 insight into staff behaviour.